Business Growth Services

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1)  Measuring key Performance indicators

Do the directors systematically measure all the key things that really matter in their business? We can help develop a One Page Business Plan for them. It will highlight the gaps between the actual performance and the targets and help the directors create an action plan for closing these gaps. And it will do all of this on a single A4 sheet of paper. Developing an initial One Page Business Plan will cost £710 with subsequent monitoring meetings from £225 per month.

2)  Business Planning - Where You Want To Go

Using the very latest goal-setting tools and processes, including the AVN Goal Getter strategic planning software, we can help the directors to identify, articulate and understand where they want the business to go. This includes reporting to them and a follow up process. Sessions are priced at £750 each for up to 2 persons.

3)  The Business Edge Performance

A highly structured programme of five ½ day sessions that helps the directors to probe for, identify and create breakthrough strategies for dramatically improving the sales, profits and prospects.

4)  Improving Your Accounting Systems

We will help make sure the directors have the most cost effective and efficient bookkeeping and accounting systems in place. Whether your company need software, training or even someone to outsource the entire accounts function to. We can also review and report on your business' current systems to ensure they are robust and compliant.

5)  Business Exit strategies

The eventual sale of your business might seem a long way off, but we know from experience that careful planning is essential. We can assist you in planning a strategy to maximise the assets of your business on sale.

6)  Tax Efficient remuneration Packages

We will advise the directors on the most tax efficient remuneration packages.

7)  Board View

We will gladly come to quarterly business review strategy meetings as a resource to help the directors make the very best of their time. And they can use us in any way they want - from silent observer to adjudicator, technical advisor to independent sounding board, chairman to minute taker, or even as a facilitator for brainstorming sessions. These are based around management accounts, a one page business plan and the Profit Measurement and Improvement System. This has a fixed price starting from £225 per month

8)  Business Builder review

An introduction to the full Business Edge programme, designed to help you start probing for, identifying and creating breakthrough strategies for supercharging your sales, profits and prospects. This is a half day session and is priced at £670.

9)  Financial Performance Review

We can carry out a detailed review of the performance of your business over the last 12 months. This detailed report will include graphs and charts to illustrate how your business has performed and ratio analysis to highlight the strengths and weaknesses.

10)  PAYE Health check

We can review your company's PAYE records to ensure that it is complying with all the requirements. This will minimise the risk of penalties and interest from any subsequent visit from the Inland Revenue or Contributions Agency.

11)  VAT Health check

We can review your company's VAT records to ensure that it is complying with the VAT requirements.  This will minimise the risk of penalties and interest from any subsequent visit from H M Customs & Excise.

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