Company Secretarial

Routine Secretarial Services

Routine company secretarial services that we can provide include:

  • The maintenance of statutory records such as share registers and registers of directors and secretaries etc.
  • The preparation of notices of meetings and minutes of those meetings.
  • The filing of documents with the Registrar of Companies including the companies Annual Return.
  • The use of our office as the Registered Office of your company.

Other Company Secretarial Services

We can assist with the more complicated aspects of company administration such as changes to Articles and Memorandum of Association, increases in share capital, or preparing written resolutions for shareholders. The work can become complicated as often there are many different aspects to consider.

Examples of some of the more common changes we encounter are:

  • Increases in authorised share capital and authority to the directors to issue the new shares
    If the authorised share capital of the company has become inadequate then you may wish to increase it. You may also consider whether or not it is appropriate to give the directors unconditional authority to issue new shares. Other matters to discuss might be the consideration for the new shares and to whom they can be issued.
  • Creation of new classes of shares
    When increasing the authorised share capital you might also consider whether or not the new shares should be identical to the existing shares or should grant different rights to different groups of shareholders. There can be significant tax advantages in having different types of shares in order to divert income but not capital or control to alternative taxpayers,
  • Company re-purchasing of share capital
    This is a useful procedure to extract surplus liquid assets from companies especially when coupled with retirement relief for persons over 50 years old.
  • Changes in the procedures for holding board or shareholder meetings
    Company Articles often require meetings to be held in person. They can be amended so those meetings can be held by telephone or be replaced by written agreements.
  • Elective resolutions
    Elective resolutions can be used to exempt a company from certain Companies Acts requirements. Often these are not onerous requirements but are an administrative burden.
  • Change of company name
    These changes can normally be made by written resolution.

Company Paraphernalia

We can assist in providing the statutory requirements for companies such as registers, nameplates and company seals.

Company Searches

We have a direct electronic link with Companies House and Equifax provide company searches and credit checks immediately on line at a very advantageous rate. Copies of company accounts and other documents filed at Companies House (after March 1995) can usually be obtained at modest cost.

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