Management consultancy

As your business grows you may need to produce business plans for many reasons

  • To raise new finance from a bank or other lending institution.
  • To qualify for government grants or other finance.
  • To assist decisions concerning expansion or further business ventures.
  • To reinforce graphically the achievements your business has made to encourage further progress.

How can we help?

Davis Grant's team of professionals has a proven track record in providing financial management support for a wide range of business - with turnovers from £10,000 to £10,000,000.

Behind this track record is an appreciation that good financial planning and management are often at the heart of successful business.

With this in mind, we can offer all the expertise necessary to plan your business's future - and devise integrated financial systems designed to meet your company's individual needs and priorities.

As detailed below we can work together with you to combine our financial expertise with your detailed knowledge to assist you in building your business.

Initial Review

In order to plan ahead successfully, it is important for you to have the clearest possible picture of your company's current financial status.

This is achieved by undertaking an initial review, so that the many inter-connected financial pressures on your business can be assessed and acted on.

The review will provide the foundations on which further plans can be built - and will help you to identify trends that may call for corrective action in the future.

Business Planning

Producing a business plan is crucial to ensuring that resources are used to the greatest possible benefit of your business - and provide a clear sense of direction.

The plan will, for example, help you to monitor cash flows and profit forecasts so that you know when to inject new capital.

Davis Grant will work with you - your bankers or other investors - to prepare an in-depth business plan, which will provide all the information required to assess your forthcoming cash requirements and profitability.

By adopting such a far-sighted approach, and producing thorough financial projections, you can ensure that adequate working capital is in place to support expansion plans.


All businesses have a legal requirement to collect and record financial information. This information provides the backbone for a successful and controlled financial structure allowing management to make key decisions based on accurate and timely information.

Davis Grant can help in the recording function providing guidance and training on existing computerised or manual accounting systems or assisting in the implementation of new accounting systems.

If you prefer, Davis Grant will alleviate you of all the burden and stress involved in maintaining the necessary accounting records allowing you to devote your attention to the other aspects of operating a business.

Our bookkeeping and accounts processing department will record on either our computer bureau systems or your own computer system all financial transactions relating to your business.

Regular Reviews & Management Reports

Regular review of your financial progress can help you to ensure that your business is keeping on the desired track.

The frequency of the reviews and accompanying reports will depends on the nature of your business and the scale of your operations.

Generally, however, they will include an assessment of the period under review, comparing actual results with those predicted in your business plan and allowing variances to be highlighted and rectified before they become to of control.

Taking Action Together

By combining Davis Grant's financial and business expertise with your knowledge of the business, its products and markets, we can assist in realising the business's full potential.

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