Company taxation services

Once we have completed your annual accounts we will prepare a corporation tax computation and a corporation tax return on form CT600 and submit all of the required documents to the Inland Revenue. Self-assessment for companies has been introduced for all accounting periods ending on or after 31st July 1999. We intend to submit documents electronically as soon as the Inland Revenue introduces the scheme.

We can also assist in the preparation of other Company Taxation Returns including:

  • Returns of interest paid on form CT61
  • Payroll end of year returns on forms P14, P60, and P35 etc.
  • Returns of benefits in kind including car benefits on forms P11d, these are required for all Directors and for Employees earning in excess of £8,500 p.a.
  • VAT returns.

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For a summary of corporate tax rates for 2009/2010 (Year to 31st March 2010) please visit the corporation tax section of our 2009/10 Tax Guide.