Tax/VAT investigation protection

Business isn't always plain sailing...
... But a business doesn't have to sink without trace because of a Tax investigation

Did you know?

  • On average 71,000 Tax investigations take place each year
  • On average they will cost a further £12,000 in unpaid tax.
  • It will cost you an average of £2,000 to defend yourself properly
  • So, allowing us to defend you properly, will minimise unnecessary fee expense

... Or a VAT dispute

The average yield from a VAT visit has doubled to over £5,500 during the 1990's.

... Or a Contributions Agency Investigation

The Contributions Agency always exceeds its targets. They are currently collecting 3 times as much as they did in 1992 and if that wasn't enough the average yields per visit are also up by a massive 100%

... Or a PAYE Investigation

Depending on the type of business visited PAYE investigators make between £7 and £12 for each £1 they spend. Visits have averaged 50,000 per year in the period from 1990 to the present day. Irregularities are now found in three-quarters of these visits compared with half in 1990. Irregularities? Or are the tax authorities going unchallenged?

... Or a P11D compliance unit Investigation

1995 saw P11D regulations tightened even further with increased fines for non-compliance.

Let our Tax Protection Service put you on an equal footing with the tax authorities.

What a business needs to do is plan for the inevitable.

Fee protection against investigation is not a luxury - it is recommended best practice No matter what your point of view investigations are here to stay - they raise money for the Exchequer without raising taxes.


  • The Inland Revenue randomly selects your business for investigation.
  • Your lifestyle will come under scrutiny and will be evaluated
  • Ultimately you could face an accountant's bill of at least £2,000 for the extra work on your behalf.
  • As a result you will be wasting valuable time you could spend better utilise in taking your business forward.

We're back to the inevitable

We cannot guarantee you immunity from investigation but what we can do is ensure that you have adequate cover against the resulting fees.

But isn't insurance expensive?

No - depending on the size and nature of the business and type of entity (unincorporated or incorporated) annual premiums start at £55 for tax only clients and £95 for individual traders (exclusive of VAT).

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