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What took me so long?? Xero has absolutely changed my working life, it is easy to use, easy to read and most of all it keeps me up to date with my accounts.  I do not know how I managed for so long without it.  When you first mentioned it I was not very keen as I had visions of me breaking down trying to understand the jargon and the processes, but I can honestly say I have been blown away by how user friendly it is and how much I enjoy working on the system.  Your team, especially Katie, have made it so easy to ask questions on coding and once explained it makes perfect sense and off I go.  I love love love reconciling my accounts and actually feel proud when it congratulates me on reconciling my accounts.

Thank you so very much for making my accounts so much easier and less stressful which allows me to enjoy my business much more than I used to.

I would definitely recommend this system to anyone with a small business who is looking to simplify their accounting.

The Davis Grant team are knowledgeable, contactable and above all listen and explain.

Neil always gives me the time and does his very best to explain.. and often re-explain, what can be complex issues.

It’s essential to have a team which supports you and your business on what can be a lonely road, Neil and Davis Grant do.

Malcolm Barratt-JohnsonPharmamedic Consultancy

I got in touch with Davis Grant through a colleague’s recommendation and I have to say they are a safe pair of hands.

I had accumulated a problem of wrong filing and bookkeeping that needed to be cleaned up.

They took my bookkeeping over and were immediately on the ball. Davis Grant have proven to be an excellent choice.

Lea BerneticCEO and FounderEliei Fashion Consultancy

It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Davis Grant.

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Now in our eighth year of working with them, they have consistently demonstrated integrity, professionalism and technical ability. It is reassuring to know that your company is in safe hands at all times and as a director it is always good to have fewer things to worry about!

Additionally they adhere to time deadlines and most importantly, display a concern and drive to act in our best interests. The service we have received has been truly tailormade fit around our business as it has changed dramatically over the years.

On top of this they are very nice people to work with and we look forward to a continued successful partnership in the future.

Josh ColemanBikedock Solutions

You guys and girls are simply the best. Only thing you could do better is to make my taxes disappear in the thin air!!

Michael TreendTreend Construction

For the most part you get people who either want you to know how important they are and how lucky you are to get them OR they want to monpolise your time OR you don’t see and hear from them at all and in which case you think “OH GOD! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!?”

They [Davis Grant] understand the type of business I have and how we operate: there’s a lot of ego in the room!

They do really good work, it’s pretty straightforward … they’re good at what they do, they don’t charge me an arm and a leg and they are good people to work with. What more can I say!?!

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Joe CohenFounder, Tech Leader and Board Member

Davis Grant puts a lot of effort and time into it. They are infallably polite, they work very well with you and put a lot of effort into you as a company. They want to see you grow!

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Frank MeehanCo-founder and CEOSmartUp

I would be very confident to recommend Davis Grant and in fact I HAVE to several of my peers already. With Davis Grant you get people who are experts in what they do, they understand entrepreneurs and what the entrepreneurial journey is, they are on it themselves.

They don’t take a second more of my time than they have to. I have complete confidence in the work that they do and we’ve been working together for over a year and the results have been super.

To get that combination of someone who covers it off really well in a light touch way is pretty rare.

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Joe CohenFounder, Tech Leader and Board Member

You want to work with someone who takes headaches away from you. that you understand each other so well that the work just really flows and it really feels more a like a partnership.

I would be really happy and HAVE recommended Davis Grant to others, we’ve been really happy with the service we’ve received and long may the partnership last!

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Elizabeth VarleyCo-Founder & CEOTechHub

One of the key reasons I would recommend Davis Grant to other entrepreneurs is that they’ve done it before. You feel like the only person going through your journey… but Davis Grant have done a lot of work for tiny startups, single founders, co-founders all the way to “proper” companies at later stages of development. I would certainly recommend Davis Grant for anyone starting out because they have “been there and done that” and can offer you words of support and wisdom from their experiences in the market.

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Jad FadlCofounderTenant Genie