If you run your own business or receive income that is not taxed through PAYE then you need to provide information to HMRC as a self-assessment tax return.

It is vitally important that you keep accurate and up to date records and share them with us so we can help!

Remember: the clock starts ticking at the end of the tax year on 4th April. Get your return in early, avoid penalties and plan ahead for your payment due the following January!

With our help minimise the stress involved and avoid penalties and surcharges…

  1. When you first join us

    It is important you give us accurate and complete information as soon as possible. We provide an easy to follow form to do this.

  2. Updating your information each year

    We make your life as easy as possible by sending you a checklist at the end of the tax year. It lists the relevant items and gives you last year’s figures as a reference to help you.
    You can complete your checklist electronically on our Document Portal.

  3. Why you may now need to register.

    Due to recent changes in allowances by the Government, you may need to now register for self-assessment when you previously did not!

Contact us if you need specific help or information.

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If you provide accurate and timely information to us, our team of experts can work to give advice, save you tax and avoid nasty surprises!

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