When our work is complete, login to our Document Portal to review and approve with a digital signature. The secure portal is your digital document safe and means no more delays or postage costs when submitting and receiving your files.

Step One – Login to the Portal

  1. Access the Document Portal by going to
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter the password you selected when you opened your account.

If you cannot login and need help please get in touch with our friendly team to assist.

Forgotten Your Password?
How to access our Portal for the first time.

Step Two – View the Return

You cannot approve a document until you have viewed it at least once…

  1. Select a Dashboard option or on desktop click Your Files from the menu.
  2. Navigate folders by pressing on the folder name. Documents awaiting your approval are typically stored in Documents to Approve.
  3. Simply select a document’s name to view or download it.

Step Three – Electronic Approval

  1. Go back to the file list and locate the relevant document.
  2. On desktop – press the Approve button.
    On mobile – press the small button next to the document name and then the Approve icon.
  3. To give final confirmation, sign the document by selecting Approve.

We will receive notification that you have approved the tax return and will take appropriate action. If you have any concerns please get in touch.

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