Every other Sunday we had planned a “Group Walk”. On 23 January 5 of us squeezed into Richard R’s car and headed towards Brighton and the South Downs. It was about 90 minutes away and the walk had been chosen for its steeper hills than we had experienced locally.

5 of our 6 are shown in the picture who are, from left to right, David Black, Richard Raines, Craig Goldman, Me, Richard Pearlman. Stuart Bookatz couldn’t join us that day.

The Kili Crew on South Downs

It was another good walk. The downs were stunning to walk along and I’ll never forget the change of climate we were treated to once we had climbed up to the top. The wind picked up and the temperature dropped.

We set off from home at about 7.30am ( what a great way to spend a Sunday morning!!) and walked from 9.15 to 3.15. Lunch was an hours rest in a pretty village and a great little restaurant. Those of you with an eye for detail will now see our walking sticks in the picture! Its starting to get even more serious now. Our conversations are even getting more dominated by Kilimanjaro issues such as the wicking properties of various clothes, Diamox, water hydration systems, camping, energy bars and so on. It is really becomming quite all absorbing and taking over all our spare thoughts.

I was pleased to have now sorted out my boots by putting the original insole back into my right boot! I am feeling fitter and training hard.

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