The start of the Kilimanjaro challenge has come around very quickly and the intrepid travellers have arrived safely ‘in country’.

However, the blog system planned has unfortunately not gone quite to plan as the guys do not seem to have any reception to send e-mails, so, on Neil’s behalf I am blagging the blog for you loyal followers.  What I can mention so far is that, on arriving through security and seated comfortably in Garfunkels (eating slow energy releasing pasta!)  Mr Team Leader, Richard P surprised the guys with a Tour T-Shirt (see below).  This went down very well and amused them all.

I think I am correct in describing the feelings of the guys at the airport as ‘apprehensive’, but very excited at the same time.

After flying over Mount Kilimanjaro it was described as ‘Wow!’  I am not sure if this Wow meant ‘OMG what are we doing here and are we really going to climb up that monster?’, or ‘Wow, this is breathtakingly stunning scenery’, but I should imagine it was probably a bit of both.

Apparently, the Mount Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort, where they will stay for one night (Photos attached-it’s not actually them, but I thought you could use your imagination!) is great, with good food!

On arrival, the mid-life crisis guys had a good sleep and a swim in the sun before a big rain storm set in.  They had better make the most of this as the luxury is all ‘downhill’ from tomorrow on!  It seems the network at the Mountain Resort is pretty poor and e-mails are difficult to get through but hopefully once they start their adventure this problem will resolve itself and there will be no more blagging!

The main two pieces of news received are 1. that they have 23 helpers between the 6 of them!!!!    and 2. that the top of Kilimanjaro is covered with snow – knee high, although Neil has now assured me that, that’s ok because there is a trail through it now – well that’s alright then!

As a last note,  Neil’s last text stated ‘ Let’s go for it.  Be positive and prepared’  So I feel this is a good place to leave the first day with all 6 trekkies well rested, well fed and positive.

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