Well here we are end of the day, a little bit out of breath, quite high now, around 4,700 metres at Mawenzi  in the shadows of the peak that accompanies Kilimanjaro by a little lake, it is really an amazing place.

We are just sitting having our afternoon tea at sunset and I will try and go backwards to explain what happened during the day.

When we came back from our acclimatisation walk we washed.  The guides brought out yet another bowl of hot water and we washed our face, hands, feet and even the other bits….which was wonderful!!!

We haven’t been getting too smelly because of these washing bowls and it has been a real blessing.  Thankfully all the evenings have been really hot because we have had sunshine all the time so washing hasn’t been a problem – shirt off….great.

After the wash I organised my clothes and changed for the evening and put on all my under-armour for the next part of our journey, which is gradually going to get colder during the evening  and the night of the ascent, so this is it now for a couple of days!   I have also organised all my stuff for this evening as it gets really really cold, last night was about -5 degrees and we are expecting about the same temperature tonight.

Bloggers Assistant talking now!

I am led to believe that there has been more information sent through but unfortunately not received yet.  As far as I am aware they will be turning in for an early night (they are 3 hours ahead) as they will be getting up to start their ascent at midnight tonight – Friday 11 March.  Hope it isn’t too dark for Richard P! However, they all have  head torches to help guide them through the darkness.   ETA at the top is around 6 a.m. in time for sunrise and I should imagine a most spectacular view from the highest point in Africa.

I hope to have contact Saturday morning in order to inform everyone that they have all succeeded in achieving this…..and hopefully this will fulfil their mid-life crisis – remember the T-Shirt !!!

Remarkable effort guys – good luck with the ascent.

Description below is from Rongai Route narrative

We leave our attractive campsite to cross the lunar desert of the ‘Saddle’ between Mawenzi and Kibo to reach Kibo campsite (4,700m) at the bottom of the Kibo Crater wall by early afternoon. The remainder of the day is spent resting in preparation for the final ascent before a very early night! Approx 5-6 hours walking.

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