We have arrived in Paris!!!

Amazingly the day passed without major incident, although it started in usual comical fashion with Stuart going the wrong way out of the hotel car park!

We cycled in glorious weather through lovely open countryside but the last 20 or so miles were through the suburbs and into Central Paris.

At one stage  during a particularly hilly part, we turned a corner and Richard said ‘it’s just like San Francisco again!’

All tour we have been speaking about meeting our wives under the Eiffel Tower to mark the  end of the ride.  So true to form Stuart managed to finish us at The Place de Chaillot near the Trocadero overlooking The Eiffel Tower!

We all looked at each other, shrugged and thought it was just typical.  When asked, Stuart said ‘he couldn’t re-programme the sat nav!!!!

Anyway, we spoke to the girls, who could see our orange shirts from The Eiffel Tower and we made our way down to meet them.  It was wonderful having them cheer us at the end of our ride.

Despite everything we had a brilliant time but won’t really miss getting on our bikes tomorrow, although we all agreed we could do the same again in the next four days if we had to.


The stats for the day are: left at 9.15, arrived Eiffel Tower at 3.30 and then on to the hotel at 5.15pm.

Total miles 56.33, 11 mph average.  5hrs 5 mins on the bike.

total mileage for the trip 314.9 miles.


I will post more details and photos when we get back to the Uk, so watch this space!



0 thoughts on “Day 4 – Arrived in Paris -Saturday 21 June 2014

  1. Well done on completing this challenge.
    It was great reading about your exploits – and Stuart’s
    Your next task, if you chose to accept it, is……

    1. Thanks David for your comments on the blog which have been great. Looking to telling you all the stories when back home. Had a lovely day walking round Paris today in glorious weather. My legs do seem to still work after all….

      The next challenge is in the cooking pot………

      Love to all

      Neil Xx

      Neil Driver FCA FCCA for Davis Grant Ltd 020 8477 0044 http://www.davisgrant.co.uk

  2. I understand the problem about re-programming the sat nav to find the Eiffel Tower.
    There is an alternative – when you get to Paris….
    look up !

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