Being a business owner or taxpayer can be stressful and confusing. Too often you may feel alone with no-one to turn to for help. This is a shame because expert help can be just a phone call away.

You may be struggling to understand the world of Accounting and what support and services you should expect from a quality firm.

If this sounds familiar then our new guide is for you. Get it free now as a digital download…


In the guide, we explore the answers to 20 questions that our team of experts have been asked most often in our over 60 years of helping people like you.

Covering key areas of Tax, Business Structures and Achieving your Goals, the specific questions are:

  1. How much are Accountancy fees?
  2. Do I need to register for VAT?
  3. Should I buy or lease a company vehicle?
  4. Can I involve my spouse in the business
  5. Can I involve my kids in the business?
  6. What expenses can I claim?
  7. Why am I paying tax? I don’t draw any wages?
  8. How much should I put by to cover tax bills?
  9. What’s the best way to take funds from my company?
  10. Should I be a sole trader or limited company?
  11. Where’s my profit? It’s not in the bank.
  12. What business records should I keep and for how long?
  13. What’s the cheapest way to close down my company?
  14. Should I run my buy-to-let business through a limited
  15. Is tax relief being cancelled for buy-to-let mortgage
  16. Why do I need to keep a mileage log?
  17. When can I claim back overpaid tax?
  18. Are there any tax-free perks?
  19. Why am I paying tax in advance?
  20. What happens if I can’t afford to pay my tax?

Our answers shouldn’t be taken as final advice, individual circumstances differ, but we hope you find them useful as a starting point for exploring the help you may need.

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