There were emotional scenes at the Davis Grant offices today as Lawrence Davis took the step of closing his office. He told the team how he had joined his father’s Accountancy Firm in 1971…

“I joined just for a few months to see whether I liked it” he quipped 45 years later, “I’ve decided now that I DON’T! So I’m going!”

Lawrence’s role giving occasional consultancy to the practice in recent years has been valued, especially in the area of resolving HMRC investigations for our clients.

He later wrote:

I would like to thank you all very much for your kindness and generosity, not in the financial sense, but the spirit in which I am always greeted.

During one’s lifetime we can all look back on decisions which were misguided or wrong. In my instance however the choice of work colleagues, friends and partners has been faultless and I am extremely grateful for the immense good fortune which I have encountered.

I have been extraordinarily fortunate. I wish you all continued happiness and success in the future.

Barry Chernoff, Director presented him with gifts to show the Teams appreciation but hinted that Lawrence wouldn’t be able to stay away. The prediction seems to be holding true as he will be lending us his experience again next month!

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