Today is 7 October 2012 and I am all packed, ready to go.  My bike is carefully tucked away in its special travelling bike-box.  My last ride was a week ago and I have been quite glad for the rest since then.  My legs seem to have benefited from being lazy but I hope doing nothing this week hasn’t had a negative effect on my overall fitness.  I understand it shouldn’t have done.

All set to go – thankfully on wheels!

It’s been a really busy week at work clearing my desk and I have managed to achieve what I needed to go away with a reasonably clear mind.

I seem to have been packing on and off all weekend and tell the truth am a bit fed up with it now! I really wish we were there and starting.

It is my son’s 18th birthday today, so happy birthday Jason – love you.

Thanks once again to everyone for their messages of support, good luck wishes and of course sponsorship.  I promise to be sensible.

Watch this space for my next instalment from San Francisco!

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