If you are struggling to access our Document Portal for the first time this is for you! There is a separate set of instructions if you have forgotten your password instead.

Portal Activate Your Account Email
You will receive an invitation email with the subject line “Activate Your Account”

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Find the invitation email sent to you from portal@davisgrant.co.uk (see above).
    Check your “Junk Email” folder!
    If you cannot find this message please let us know by contacting us and confirming your correct email address.
  2. Click on the “Activate Now” button in the email.
  3. Enter your choice of password.
  4. You can now login and use the Document Portal.
Choose password screenshot
Choose a password so that you can login to the portal

Please note: for security reasons we cannot activate your account or set a password on your behalf.

If you have followed the instructions above and are still struggling get in touch!

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