So here we are. 11pm the night before the morning after!  All settled into the room at our hotel in Blackheath, looking forward to the 5am wake up call for breakfast at 5.30 and start at 6.30. That’s the first surprise as I thought we were having breakfast an hour later!   Oh well , I’ll catch up with sleep on the ferry I suppose ….

Last week was glorious weather and so I finished up my training by cycling into work on Tuesday, then on Thursday a lovely 30 mile ride in the evening heat  and then to finish off the week  a  50-miler to Dunmow on Saturday.  Sunday was a day of rest with no more riding or exercise in order to allow the old body to recover before the onslaught.

I am pleased with my preparation but still feel I  should have done some more.  We can always say that but honestly I do feel I am about 2 to 3 weeks behind where I would like to be. A few more 80 mile rides would have been good. I blame the rain we recently had!!

My bike is at last sorted out. I have had no end of problems the last 4 weeks or so with chain and rear gears being replaced twice. The latest problem was 300 metres from home on Saturday when my chain broke.  Better then than 300 metres after we start tomorrow! Anyway it feels back to the way it was and so I’m happy with that.

The last few days have been quite busy at work and getting ready for the off,  but I’m excited about the ride now and need to get some sleep.

My everlasting thanks go to Lorraine for her love, support and belief in me. Also Stephanie and Jason for their encouragement and family and friends for your encouragement too.

A big thanks for all those who have made a donation to Haven House, the charity I am supporting on this ride. Details for that are on

That’s it for now. Here we go…….


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  1. Hi guys. Very proud that u r all a part of an amazing team of guys doing something for a great cause. Wishing u all lots of luck as u embark on your French part of the cycle. Looking forward to seeing u cross the line in Paris. Xx

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