Subscribing to our Tax Investigation service means in the event of a costly investigation by HMRC you are protected from paying the professional fees required to resolve the matter (up to £100,000 per claim unless otherwise indicated).

Our Service could save you thousands of pounds and lots of stress!

Top 5 reasons for acting now

  1. Investigations are often at random and come at any time.
  2. With a public focus on tax evasion, HMRC are stepping up the number of tax investigations.
  3. New software used by the authorities traces even the smallest discrepancy in spending or earnings, prompting an investigation. They may be incorrect and select the wrong targets!
  4. The stress and cost of an investigation can be considerable.
  5. Our expertise can save you time and money in the long run.



Get more information on the types of investigation you may be at risk from and how best to protect yourself…
Visit our tax investigation site for more details.

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