Tower Bridge to South Kensington

The new year starts with a realisation that its only 10 weeks till we go. Now that’s not a long time at all so there is no longer room for excuses or putting off training. It’s now very much for real.

Trips to the gym became a lot easier when it re opened! Lots more treadmills which is good but it seems busy with the post-Christmas rush to shed those extra pounds. One of my group said a trainer mentioned that if you could do 30 minutes on the treadmill at 15% and 5.5 kph you were  ready. So I gave it a go! Well, I wasnt sure if it was 4.5 or 5.5 so the fist 15 mins was at 4.5 then I upped it to 5.5 for the last 15. I know this is probably too much info but I’ve never sweated so much in my life before….but at least i did it. There was a relieved sense of achievement, but also knowing I still had a lot of work to do.

One gorgeous weekend day, Lorraine, who also likes walking wanted to come with for some training but fancied a stroll round London, instead of our usual routes around Epping Forest. So, for a change we decided to walk over the London bridges. We started at Tower bridge (despite major travel problems due to disrupted tube trains resulting in our first bus ride for many years!) and criss-crossed the river all the way to South Kensington. It was a lovely day, a long walk and good training as I was wearing my backpack, with 3 litres of water and other stuff I would be carrying up Kili. I also started to wear my new kit to make sure it was all comfortable and worn in. Even though I had replaced the innersoles of my boots with orthotics they still weren’t comfortable. I previously had a problem with the left foot, which was now OK , but the right one was a problem!

At this time I decided on my charities and set them up on . The reasons I chose them are stated on the site and I was glad to be publicising them at last. I also worked out how to get this “blog” set up and running! Although I’m still learning.

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