Well, this is it. Departure day. I feel so excited and am really looking forward to the whole adventure. But also filled with quite a bit of trepidation, anxiety “and just what have I let myself in for!”

As you can see, I’m all packed. The large black “kit bag” is provided for us, the rucksack is the one I carry with water (2L camel pack and 2x1L metal bottles),  energy snacks, waterproofs, spare clothes, medical kit etc. The kit bag is thankfully carried for us and weighs just under the maximum allowed of 15kg. I’m so glad someone carries it for me and quite frankly they deserve a medal!!!

Kit Bag and Rucksack
My Kit Bag and Rucksack

I couldn’t go without thanking all of you who have helped me prepare.

Lorraine, I will miss you so much ( really!)  and promise to be sensible. Love you to the top of Africa and beyond! Thank you for so so much help and support leading up to this, with the kit shopping, listening about “wicking”, and all the crazy things I have been going on about. It was lovely that you joined in with some of the long walks through Epping Forest. I know that in your heart of hearts you would love to come with also, so thank you for letting me do this . I’ll be back to “normal” in a few weeks time!!

Stephanie, thanks for the camping, survival, kit & general advice. I’ll try to remember it all!

Jason, your encouragement means so much to me and I look forward to calling you from the top. Thanks in advance for helping Mum with this blog when I’m away.

To my family and friends. Your support has been wonderful and if you didn’t have enough crazy things to discuss about me already this will be a good one for the list!

Barry, Jay and everyone at work in the Davis Grant team. Thanks for your understanding and unquestionable support.

To my clients, many thanks for supporting me , your encouragement and genuine interest.

The biggest thanks goes to everyone who has supported my charities.  The amounts raised have exceeded my expectations and is hugely gratifying.  As I leave on the trip the total raised is £7,616.59 (incl gift aid).

To my trek mates, Richard P (team leader supreme!), Richard R, Craig, David, Stuart, its bean such a laugh and so memorable so far. I know we will all pull together for a superb, unforgettable adventure.

As for our 7th trekkie, Alan. Well I know you are absolutely gutted to have been forced to miss out, especially as you are fit again now. You know we will carry you there in our thoughts. I did hear you had done some training to be a sherper just to see if you could sneak with us out there!!!

I also need to give a big thank you to my osteopath  Ricardo (www.rdostephathy.co.uk) who had worked wonders on my back, feet and legs. Thanks for helping me get into the best shape ever! Also to Rob of Chigwell Osteopathy Centre for many years of help and much clicking!

Must go – have a plane to catch………………………………


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  1. Hi Neil,

    Well, at last all those many months of planning and training are now coming to fruition.
    Good luck on your adventure of a lifetime – no turning back now !

    I hope you and all your party have a safe, fantastic and memorable time and look forward to following your adventures online (technology permitting !)

    Bon voyage.


  2. Good luck on the trek, Neil,
    Walk up slowly and come down safely!
    I look forward to hearing all about it.
    Have fun,

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