So now the trek is on, its time to start some serious training. I’ve never been one who loves going to the gym, but as they say, needs must. I had 2 training routines set up so I wouldnt get bored and started working hard.

We also had to start thinking about equipment and one of the most important things for the trek are obviously good walking boots.  So off I went to the outdoor sports shops to find my new favourite footwear. What an array to choose from but 3 shops and 2 hours later the deed was done!

A week later it was time for our first group training trek. Richard P had sensibly set up regular weekend dates when we would all get together and this was the first . It was great fun and gave us all a chance to chat  about what we had found out about Kilimanjaro, equiment and clothing, football, work, football, parents, altitude sickness and most memorable of all……………dishwasher tablets (thanks Richard R!!) We walked from Loughton through High Beech to Epping to Danny K’s for lunch. It was good training but the 4 hours of walking took it toll. A few sore feet, bad achilles, cramp in legs (not all on one person!), but lunch and a rest did the trick and we were all up for the walk back.

It was a long day but great fun. 4 of us made it all the way but 3 needed a rescue when almost home.

Boy did I ache the next day!

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