Perhaps we’re a little strange in our enthusiasm for the new pound coin… but did you know that it’s just two weeks until it’s introduction?

From March 28th you can accept both old and new coins from your customers. Make sure to train your staff on the new coin and change your procedures to handle them. For example, banks will want old and new coins in separate bags!

Businesses across the UK who handle cash have been informed of the need to prepare for the introduction. Many will have upgraded their machines to accept the new £1 coin, however, not all machines will work with the new coin from the date of introduction.  Please talk to the equipment owner if you have any questions.

The old coin will not start to be phased out until October from which point you won’t have to accept them and shouldn’t be distributing them,

For more information on the new coin, supporting materials and guidance on how it may affect your business…
Visit The Royal Mint

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