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Instantly view your performance and forecasts.
Make Better Business Decisions.

Become a Davis Grant client and get access to Grand Vista. Our online dashboard platform is available to you 24 hours a day to provide insight into your business, set budgets and make forecasts.

Key Features

  • Dashboards
    Live, bespoke dashboards that visually present actual, forecast or budget data.
  • Forecasting
    View cash flow and scenario models forecasts quickly and accurately with side-by-side comparison.
  • Printable reports
    Produce beautiful, board-meeting ready and flexible PDF reports quickly.
  • Budgeting
    Upload and create detailed budgets then monitor performance versus targets.
  • Live Alerts
    Monitor and get notified of key changes so you can proactively take action.
  • Data Consolidation
    Pull data directly from your online bookkeeping software. Consolidate organisations for top-level reporting.

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